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Importance of localization for the growth of international business


Growing an international business in a specific market presupposes more than simply translating your website from one language to another. Accurate and literate translation of your content, your marketing materials, newsletters and other promotional messages does not guarantee the success of your entire campaign. Proper localization, on the contrary, usually does.

Let’s start with the most important aspect – your corporate website. When you were working on your content, you have probably done some research regarding the most popular focus keywords in your field. In other words, your website is optimized for the specific audience, looking for specific information. However, if you translate this content word by word, without localizing the keywords, it might never achieve the same results.

Another equally important aspect of growing your business is the success of your marketing materials. Direct translation, no matter how great and precise it was, may not always ensure delivering the message to target audience – especially if you are trying to enter a totally new market, with a set of its own traditions. So, a professional translator will have to carefully go through every syllable of your source text and make sure that the new copy conveys the same message.

To conclude, high quality of translation is very important. However, without proper localization and careful keyword optimization, there is no guarantee that your marketing campaign will achieve its desired effects. So, if you want to ensure quick growth of your international business, translation should always go hand in hand with localization.