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Make Sure It’s Proofread!

Proofreading is a very important stage in the life of each text. Our proofreaders can correct any grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes in your text. Also a proper check will be applied to examine whether the translated text shares the same meaning of the original text or not.

Obaid Translation provides Arabic and English proofreaders in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Our Arabic proofreaders handle subject materials utilizing their expertise for the benefit of our clients. When it comes to Arabic proofreading, we take into consideration proper usage of grammar, punctuation and linguistic rules. Apart from Arabic and English proofreading, we provide proofreading services in a variety of languages such as Russian, Chinese, Urdu, French among many other languages.

Obaid Translation is your trusted partner for all your linguistic requirements.

As a leading translation company in Abu Dhabi, Obaid Translation is proud to provide.

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