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Our qualified team translates large volumes of text such as books, reports, contracts, manuals, websites and promotions. Our expertise cover a wide range of text fields such as legal, technical, finical, medical, marketing, media and advertising. Our translation services are highly recognized all over UAE for its best quality and commitment to deadlines.

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Book Translation Services

Throughout the years, we have translated English and Arabic books that contributed in spreading the valuable culture and message of their authors. A book translator in Obaid Translation works within a team consisting of a second translator, a proofreader and a reviewer. While translating books, we aim to provide the ultimate quality putting in mind the sensitivity of the mission and the losses that can affect the publisher for any mistakes embedded in the translation process.

Our Abu Dhabi translation office is well-tested for translating books within the following language pairs:

However, Obaid Translation owns a giant network of native Europeans, Asians and African professional translators and copywriters from all over the globe who can translate books of different languages.

Translating Books with Obaid Translation Office – Abu Dhabi undergoes a strict and quality-assured process where we assign a team of 2 to 4 translators, a proofreader and a reviewer to each and every book we handle. Our book translators can translate anything from novels and plays, to diaries and short stories.

Translation of Proposals and Bids

Obaid Translation translates proposals for government bids in a confidential and timely manner. Our team understands all requirements of governmental proposals from A-Z. We are able to deliver proposal translation or even proposal write-up for up to 500 pages and more in considerable prices and timeframes. We work hard to make sure that your bids and proposals address the concerned government department with most effective language aiming at making proposals simple, direct and sufficient in data.

Creative Translation for Media, Advertising and Marketing Companies

Over the years, Obaid Translation has managed to cater a vast array of advertising and marketing companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; providing them with creative translation services. We understand the complicated nature of the mission accomplished by advertising and marketing companies and the burden they take to deliver the right message of their clients to the public.

We work closely with our partners to help web designers and graphic designers in their quest to overcome any obstacles while combining translation with design works. Our translators use Adobe InDesign software among many other programs granting our clients the peace of mind and accuracy of Arabic translation.

When it comes to managing social media accounts in the UAE, our translators work on Content Management Systems (CMS) to manage, control and translate the requirements of our clients. We are simply more than just a translation office; we are a comprehensive linguistic provider – a one-stop shop for all translation, copywriting and content management requirements in the UAE.

Medical Translation Services

Obaid Translation manages a team of medical translators able to satisfy all the linguistic requirements of medical translation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Throughout the last few years, we have catered the most visited medical centers and hospitals in the UAE with translation and copywriting services.

The medical translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or even anywhere in the globe, has a very sensitive nature. Rates and timeframes do vary for such type of translation than the rest of it. We understand the importance of delivering accurate content and we know how critical it is to produce an authentic and precise translation.


Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


We provide Chinese and Russian interpreters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi available on demand for conferences, business meetings and forums. Our Russian and Chinese interpreters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are empowered with years of experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, making Obaid Translation the number one provider for English, Russian and Chinese interpreters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE.

Obaid Translation is your trusted partner for all your linguistic requirements.

As a leading translation company in Abu Dhabi, Obaid Translation is proud to provide.

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