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Our Copywriting service covers website content, profiles, brochures, press release, newsletters, advertisement and much more. We don’t write words; rather we express intentions, emotions and ambitions. We aim to transfer your thoughts and your objectives into a communicative content and to represent your website, products and services with professional and innovative text.

Content Writing

Obaid Translation provides expert content writers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai able to achieve any mission related to content writing for websites, magazines, brochures, profiles, journals and much more. From British and American writers to Indian and Arabic writers; our team of copywriters in UAE owns the expertise needed to address your customers bringing them closer to you.

Governmental Proposal Write-up

Our team of experienced writers has performed countless number of proposal write-ups while committing to client’s deadline and budget. When writing a proposal for a governmental bid, we aim at the benefit of our client and we plan for them to win the bid. We deal carefully with the information provided and we have a comprehensive understanding of the Emirati governmental departments and its requirements.


Press Release and News Writers

Obaid Translation prides of its English native writers who have the ability to write press releases and news of all kinds. From SME’s to large operating companies, Obaid Translation services a variety of private and public sectors making the press release write-up as easy as never before.

Aside from that, our American and British copywriters provide local and international magazines, newspaper and journals with the required articles and news sections that attracted more readers in proven records.

HR Policies and HR Manuals

Over the years, we have developed the required HR policies and manuals that were characterized with updated information in compliance with the rules of the Emirati regulations and ministries.

Obaid Translation is the perfect provider for HR Policy for SME’s in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, our updated records and knowledge in the local laws makes it possible for us to develop the most updated HR Policies and procedures in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Labour in the UAE.

Obaid Translation is your trusted partner for all your linguistic requirements.

As a leading translation company in Abu Dhabi, Obaid Translation is proud to provide.

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