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About Obaid Translation
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Established in 2014, Obaid Translation is a public relations and translation agency in the heart of Abu Dhabi that fosters a variety of reliable solutions such as public relations and storytelling, translation, copywriting, website localization, editing, proofreading, subtitling and transcription. Obaid Translation aims to address the crucial and rising demands for integrated language service providers in the UAE. Our team of certified intellectuals is empowered by years of professional experience in PR, translation and copywriting. Our translators and copywriters are devoted to supply the most efficient services. We serve a wide range of business sectors, individuals, corporates and government entities.

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Trusted Translation Provider for Companies & Government Departments

Being one of the most reliable and professional translation companies in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, we take pride in our portfolio of clients that includes a list of private companies and government departments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the Emirates. From Media and advertising translation, to technical and medical translation; we have the expertise and the technical know-how necessary to provide all translation services according to clients needs. Our team manages translation of proposals and governmental bids, apart from books translation. We have the capability to translate huge amounts of documents within relatively short period of time granting superior quality and competitive rates.

Many hospitals, banks, hotels, tourism agencies, authors, private and public entities depend on Obaid Translation daily to deliver their voices, products and messages!

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Obaid Translation is your trusted partner for all your linguistic requirements.

As a leading translation company in Abu Dhabi, Obaid Translation is proud to provide.

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